How Can You Go Wrong When You Make a Website

Some of the pitfalls of the web design contract? in the Romanian market (and not only) faster to falsify reports than to deliver a safe website?

Reports: PageSpeed, the new tool:…. Yes, you heard OK, you can analyze your website with all the tools on the market from the free ones, ie PageSpeed, Web.Dev, ThinkwithGoogle… to the most expensive software (Ahrefs, SEMrush, Link-Assistant, Majestic .. etc.

All can be compromised!

Moreover, the bridge between design and SEO has a common pitfall that we must avoid: SEO-friendly sites that go through a major redesign require close monitoring, as imminent design can affect the SEO of the site.

The web design of your website is the most important aspect to help you complete more sales.

A research study entitled: Trust and distrust of online health websites found that 94% of user comments are directly related to web design elements, such as site presentations, layouts, etc.

A picture means a thousand words but there is no point in designing a website that is not compatible with search engines and does not appear in the organic results to serve your consumers. We could easily say that an SEO optimization can mean as many as 3000 words and I am sure we would not create controversy.

Web design and marketing for your small business does not work in large quantities with people in your group. See constraints as a challenge and balance elegance with search engine friendly requirements.

Most web designers intentionally ignore SEO because it “limits their artistic possibilities.” But the idea is that you don’t need to reduce all the design features for optimization reasons.

Designers should work with SEO specialists and developers to find a formula that meets both user preferences and search engine requirements.

78% of local mobile searches lead to offline sales. Consumers spend 69% of their time on mobile phones. Google even launched an algorithmic update in March 2015 to downgrade sites that are not compatible with mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites have also seen a 12% increase in visibility on Google Mobile.

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“Analysis software and robots receive data and interpret it as we (humans) order it”

The entrepreneur is satisfied when he receives the reception due to the visual impact. (but unfortunately not many will know that brand)

The market in this industry is deeply immersed in the Trend: beautiful, good and cheap often creates Monsters

Rather than go on to study the documentation (often for a few days) but which results in the implementation of those tools to facilitate indexing, perception and easier parsing by search engines faster serve an unfinished website but without eye perception human!

Data from Smart Insights shows that “unfriendly” mobile web pages dropped by an average of 5 places in search results.

But, do you need to build dedicated mobile websites? Although responsive web design is not an official ranking factor, it is Google’s recommendation to website administrators to make their sites mobile-friendly.