Identifying / Defining Your Niche

A digital agency is a firm/company that provides technical, strategic, and design solutions using innovative technologies. Such agencies offer creative solutions to their clients with their main focus being advertising
products and services in the digital space. The digital marketing sphere is characterized by constant evolutions as people continue to initiate and embrace innovative technologies.

The first step when starting your digital agency is defining/identifying your niche. Segmenting your market not only makes onboarding easier but further creates a strong preposition thus giving you an added advantage. When defining your niche, consider the following:

1 Who are the users of your products?
2 How do you intend to reach your selected niche?
3 Why do they use/want your products or services?
4 What demographics do your clients fit in?
5 What are the needs of your target clients?
6 Is your target client able to pay for premium services?
7 What solutions are your products/services solving?
8 What is your unique selling preposition?
9 Are your products/services targeting one specific industry?
10 Who are your competitors in the selected niche?
11 Is your selected niche digital friendly?
12 How scalable is your selected niche?
13 What are the gaps and opportunities in your selected niche?
14 Where does your target client look for information?
15 Does your selected niche have potential for growth in the long-term?
16 Have you consulted a professional/expert in your selected niche?
17 Have you evaluated the opportunity scope of your selected niche?
18 Do you have the marketing infrastructure for your selected niche?


It is important to understand the opportunity scope of your selected niche in terms of obscurity and popularity. Ask yourself whether the niche is too new that people are unaware of it (and therefore slimmer profit margins) or is it too popular and thus too.