SEO is the Biggest Mall

Google offers the safest and fastest way to sell online, Google is the largest market and SEO can be easily compared to the largest mall.


Relevance means how well your company’s ranking fits the user’s intent. For example, if you search for a “home-grown restaurant,” then Google will return a list that includes only local restaurants that serve “home-grown.”


Distance measures how far the business searcher is when searching. The businesses closest to the search engine will be ranked above. For example, if you are in Bucharest searching for a “shoe store near me” and Google detects your location near Unirea Mall, then the shoe stores in or closest to Unirea Mall will be ranked above.


Prominence measures the popularity of the business in both the offline and online worlds. For example, if you are looking for pizza, then companies like “Dominos” or “Pizza Hut” will have an advantage in the list, compared to any other pizza business.

How popular is the entity? Do people talk about it on social media, in forums or in articles?
One of the best ways to generate a lot of business mentions is to produce content that is locally relevant to your target audience.

“Involvement metrics” enter the Game

Local search engagement values ​​will come into play, such as the number of people who saved the business on their Android phone or how many people request the company’s location using local maps.

Google already controls all the sources it needs to judge a company’s popularity and reputation so that it ranks best in the top of local search results. Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Voice Assistant, etc. are all such services that are busy tracking user data. The values ​​of user involvement pursued by services such as these will play a decisive role in the local ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Statistics show that searches “next to me” have increased over time. Therefore, you need to list how many locations are needed in your Google My Company (GMB) account. This will help Google properly identify the business locations that your business serves and return them as a result of the search when a potential searcher searches for your business service in those locations.

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