SEO & Marketing The Natural Evolution In Digital Space And How To Build An Online Empire

You can make a website fast ?, easy and often very cheap ?, but to get more traffic to your website ?, fast and cheap does not “reconcile” clearly for website creation, online store etc.…,

Do you need to use SEO services, advanced services? and advanced developers ?, senior programmers are usually involved in running a website that is intended to be the representative of an empire. Senior programmers, SEO experts, creative content creators (storytellers), designers, marketers are usually all involved in the execution and promotion of a website that wants to be the representative of an empire.

Could you believe ?: “that: We do not want to complicate things” but we want to pass them in a light as transparent and comprehensive as possible. Also avoid ways you can lose money to promote your business.

SEO for All

If you find it strange (incomprehensible) a term in our article, it is very simple to discover its meaning, a simple copy paste in Google on the word, text, definition I did not complicate things at all to know that they are complicated in their nature and as you go deeper you will see that the volume of data increases and does not stop.

The same goes for marketing and SEO, you can find many, many answers in Google searches, you just have to know how to ask the question and often knowing English is a shortcut. We don’t have established marketing people like the late Steve Jobs with his marketing strategies or the current and famous Brian Halligan CEO Hub Spot where Weryon Group is a partner.

The world is evolving as well as marketing, science and the application of SEO rules
If you want to get to the first page in Google, our advice is to study Google manuals to understand the process, there is no point in buying advanced tools because they are foreign and will not help you at all. Online empires are not built with advanced analysis tools. Online empires are built with well-defined resources and teams that cover multiple departments such as, programmers, designers, SEO experts and finally a marketing team.

Practically, digital marketing refers to any online marketing effort or asset. Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and even blogging are all great examples of digital marketing – they help your company and persuade them to buy.

Here are some of the most common active and digital marketing strategies that online businesses use to reach people online: Your website

Brand elements (logos, banners, acronyms, etc.)
Video content (video ads, product demonstrations, etc.)
Images (infographics, product photos, company photos, etc.)
Written content (blog posts, e-books, product descriptions, testimonials, etc.)
Online products or tools, interactive content, etc.)
Social pages
As you can probably imagine, this list just scratches the surface. Most digital marketing assets will fall into one of these categories, but smart marketers are constantly coming up with new ways to reach customers online, so the list continues to grow!


Frontend vs Backend, one deals with the visual part and another prepares the website engine plus an SEO expert who checks everything and targets everything from the beginning of the project and uses the structure as required by the search engine. If you are unfamiliar, here are some basics about SEO.

The search engine checks the website for performance, utility and looks around the website for websites that have a lot of links to the home page of the site.

SEO also means

Search engines love links. But if your homepage has many links to it, the search engine will see this as a sign that your site is not about your business and has committed a “spam” that often brings a automatic penalty.

To be viewed by search engines, you need to create a lot of new links to your website that indicate your homepage but be careful not to know the term Keyword stuffing and overoptimized. These are not pleasant deadlines and you will need a specialist, don’t try to waste your time only if you want to start SEO and forget about another activity for the next few years… and be careful, “the documentation never stops”

SEO makes search engines believe that your business is relevant to what search results require. In an attempt to rank your site, you need to get links. Links are a form of traffic that search engines search for and make the promoted website appear on the page.

So why use SEO? The answer is that you need to make your site visible to search engines so that you can attract visitors to your website.

A well ranked website will bring traffic and conversions

If your site is well ranked, it will drive traffic and conversions. In an effort to drive more traffic to your site, you need to optimize it. The better you optimize it, the better ranked it is.

In an effort to gain rankings in search engines, you need to use SEO. Clearly, SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. However, to be honest, it is not a quick fix. It takes time before you see results.

Usually an SEO campaign launched today to a new unindexed website (ie not present in Google results) can take up to 30 days to index and up to 3 months even up to a year to get places on the first page of Google, depending on competition and more factors that we will talk about in the following articles and that we are sure we Weryon talked about before.

The best way to see results is to use it in SEO and SEO further. If you dare to go alone is not a problem, here and on our social channels, blogs and partner websites found and we will continue to post relevant content about SEO, funnel marketing, funnels as Americans say.

To get started, you need to make the necessary changes to the content or text. Make changes that will make your website keyword rich and make sure there are enough keywords to work with.

You also need to make the website easier for visitors to navigate. This is due to the fact that search engines pay attention to the usability of the site UX (user experience while browsing the website) and UI (User Interface).

Is this the site you want to use?
Simplifying your keyword navigation and enrichment will increase your chances of your site being viewed by search engines, and will also improve your site’s usage and conversion rate.

Finally, your website should have enough content. You need to have a lot of articles (more than the competitor) that contain links. The faster your site and quality content presented in as many websites that can transfer value (DA & PA), the higher your site will be ranked.

If you think there is a lot of work to study and you are at an age when you just want to sell Weryon Grup has the solution for any business that wants a digital empire.

If you want to move forward with the current non-selling business or you are thinking of launching a new business in the digital space and you do not want to deepen your SEO and digital marketing skills to apply them, we, Weryon Grup through our platform, perfect all these services. for 14 years transforming our customers into our friends and leaders in Google accounts and contractually there was no risk in case of achieving the objectives, do not hesitate to ask us how.

We have been here since 2007 and we really have results to be envied by all SEO companies in the world.

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