What is the most important skill you need to be successful as an entrepreneur, especially in an online business?

Is it for sale? Is there knowledge about social networking or SEO knowledge?

Is content writing and marketing? (Because I know a blog, great forum about it.)

Or are there technical things, such as the ability to set up and manage a functional website, capture leads, understand the code, the server, manage an email list, and so on?

You don’t have to have any of these skills, because you can outsource them or go out and learn them whenever you want. If you answered any of these, no matter how important, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. How harmful it can be to blindly follow the false rules you have set in your mind. Weryon Grup is here always ready for a new challenge, we have been doing this for 14 years and the data say that we are doing well.

You can learn anything nowadays, usually for free. Want to learn how to make an obscure Russian firearm that hasn’t been made since 1950? I bet someone made a YouTube video that shows you how.

All the knowledge in the world is literally at our fingertips. However, only a handful of people go from the desire to be successful to true success. So what’s missing?

What entrepreneurs need most is not knowledge. They need the ability to evolve.

You have to analyze and adapt

There’s a lot of talk in branding circles about how, if you don’t keep doing what people have come to expect from you, you’re just confusing your audience. You must have a niche, and this niche has high walls around it. If you do something weird and characterless, or not in your currently accepted area of ​​expertise, people will not know what you represent and therefore will not buy anything from you.

It can be Simple or Complicated

Even large companies that become dogmatic are being sacrificed today. Look at the music and film industry and the crap they tried to give us to protect themselves while their inflexible volumes were drowning.

Now, look at the success stories

While Borders bookstores were dying, Amazon led the e-book revolution with the Kindle. They also went from selling books to selling everything under the sun and started offering technology services, such as Amazon S3 media hosting.

Google entered a market that already had dominant search engines such as Yahoo and Lycos, but then branched out from search into applications, smartphone operating systems, voice communications, mapping and navigation, commercial services, and just about anything. something else. And now who is the head of the family?

Weryon started as his own project and then we started making websites, then we were fascinated by SEO and marketing, we understood automation and AI. The relevance of viral content and more… Then even more, more about internet marketing and small and large businesses, about SEO globally and how to make your business flourish without any problems and stay there indefinitely…. I understand what security, server and hosting resources mean…. Then it started creating products and merging with partners, we also sell premium WordPress themes, content optimization and landing page creation software, AI-based virtual sales robots if you wish.

At no point did Trump or Boris Johnson say, “Oh, wait a minute, a blog that sells successful business bands?” That will confuse everyone ”and he will give up everything to return to publishing only the posts about writing. If you think you’re not Amazon, Google or Weryon, then let me tell you my story as a business with 4 people and 300 employees and that is going pretty well nowadays.

Nobody knows how to describe me. This includes me. People ask me what I do and I never know what to tell them.

Change Your Mind Right Now

Sometimes people ask me why I talk so much about things that are intangible, things that you could describe as “raising your mental game.” The reason is because it is the only thing that makes the difference.

You don’t need more knowledge, because you have access to more knowledge than you can handle.

What you need is the mentality to actually get out of the comfort zone and use what you know and have been able to assimilate.

You don’t need skills! You need understanding

You have to learn to be uncertain and take risks. If you stay in what is known and safe, you will never be truly successful. Doing what is uncertain and risky is not easy and that is why people who dare to do it are rewarded. You cannot evolve without risk and mistakes. The risk is always dosed in negligible small amounts.

You have to learn to drive, which simply means getting out